Happietaria Wageningen

What is Happietaria?

Happietaria is a pop-up restaurant with the purpose of raising money for charity. The restaurant is managed by students and will be open for one month. All benefits raised will be granted to a charity. In order to raise as much as possible, Happietaria is completely dependent on volunteers and sponsoring. In Wageningen, Happietaria will be open from the 30th of march till the 27th of april.


Financial benefits raised with the operations of Happietaria Wageningen will support a project of International Justice Mission (IJM). This project liberates enslaved children who are forced to work in the fishing industries of Ghana. Besides IJM aims to improve the current judicial system. Would you like to know more about this project, click here.


Happietaria has been organised for over 25 years in different student cities in the Netherlands and was initiated by TEAR, a development agency. TEAR wants to encourage people to stand up for the most deprived and fight poverty.