Happietaria is mostly organised by the board, the Happietaria management team. The board consist of students of the Wageningen University. We are part of different student associations and follow different courses at the university. We will introduce ourselves below.


Besides the board, many more people help us. Together we have one goal; enslave children in Ghana.

Metta Piersma - Chairwoman

Hi! My name is Metta Piersma, and I am president of Happietaria Wageningen. At the moment I am studying Nutrition & Health. Next to studying, I like to do other activities to develop new skills. I volunteered at Happietaria Wageningen 2 years ago and I liked the project so much, so I decided to join the Happietaria Management Team of this year. I enjoy the combination of being creative to organize such a big event and at the same time raise money and awareness for modern slavery. I hope to welcome many guests in our restaurant and of course to raise at least €30.000!

Rosalie van der Stege - Finances

I am Rosalie, studying Management & Consumerstudies and the treasurer of Happietaria Wageningen for this year. When I visited last year’s edition of Happietaria I became very enthousiastic about the project. I really like to be in the Happietaria Management Team (HMT) and to raise money for charity. As treasurer, I design a plan to raise as much money as possible for our project and I find it interesting to monitor these flows of money. Besides improving my skills this year, it is nice that we work for charity and bring some justice. I look forward to welcome many guests and to raise money to set children free from slavery in Ghana. You are very welcome!

Mariëlle van Es - Kitchen

I’m Mariëlle and this year I am the kitchen coordinator of Happietaria. Last time I joined the kitchen committee. I really enjoyed it and I decided to become a board member this year. What I really like about Happietaria is that together with many volunteers we have our own restaurant. We give some of our time and money to improve the lives of child slaves in Ghana. It is very exciting that the dished my committee and I try now are going to be served in a real restaurant. I enjoy trying Ghanaian dishes and many other new foods.

Jord Dickhof - Staff

Hi, I'm Jord Dickhof, third year bachelor student Food Technology and this year I am the volunteer coördinator of Happietaria Wageningen. The first time I helped at Happietaria was so nice that I wanted to help organise Happietaria in 2019. The given fact that I am helping children in Ghana with this project combined with giving people in Wageningen a nice evening makes it even more interesting. It is nice to be part of the board, even as the only man, and I hope to make Happietaria 2019 a great. Without volunteers we are nothing, so, these months my committee is searching for people who are wanting to help in the restaurant. So, come eat or come help. See you in April!

Neline Hogendoorn - Sponsorships

Hi, I am Neline, 22 years old, and fourth year student Sustainable Value Chains. When Happietaria was looking for new commitee members, my first response was positive emmediately. Happietaria is this kind of project, that push you out of your comfortzone, but an the same time gives you the chance to contribute in a way that suites you, as there are so many different tasks to fullfill. I am responsible for connecting businesses to Happietaria Wageningen, and does the sourcing activities around Happietaria. Together with the Happietaria management team, it is nice to make the connection with businesses, students and the community. And through this restaurant, we contribute all together to free child slaves, how cool is that!

Sanne Mol - Public relations

Hi! I am Sanne Mol and I am the coordinator of the public relations this year. Besides my study Nutrition and Health, I wanted to do more than just studying. The recruiting for the new board of Happietaria was perfectly timed. The project makes me excited. We can make the life of a child in slavery in Ghana better with a restaurant over here, that is just inspiring in my opinion. We are so blessed over here and can help in so many ways. The board of Happietaria is a combination of developing yourself and doing something good for your neighbour. Public relations is the task for me, I like to be creative. It is a good challenge to have contact with many people and companies and making Happietaria known among everyone.