Our charity

This year’s profit will benefit a project of International Justice Mission (IJM) project. IJM is an organization with a plan to eliminate slavery everywhere. IJM is liberating slaves and justifying legal systems worldwide.


The project that we will support liberates enslaved children who are forced to work in the fishing industries of Ghana. Boat owners allure these kids with education in a city but in reality, they end up as slaves at the Volta lake. Their days consists of drawing water, throwing nets and untangle fishing-nets underwater. This work is life threatening and the circumstances perverse. The human-traffickers use violence and do not provide medical care. Many children lost hope and gave up their dreams. IJM liberates them and gives them their dreams back.


IJM attacks slavery on different levels. They enslave children in cooperation with the authorities.  After that, they make sure the children receive the proper care to fully recover from their traumatic incidents. On top of that, IJM reforms the judicial system by providing training for police officers, judges, members of the church and other leaders. In this way, slavery is attacked at the source. IJM will be involved in the specific areas as long as needed. After this period a long-term functioning judicial system implemented by the Ghanaian authorities.  


Together we can stop modern slavery and improve current judicial systems!



Kofi, only eight years old when human-traffickers took him from his family. They told him that he could go to school if he joined. The men took him to lake Volta and forced him to untangle fishing nets underwater. “I told him that I could not do it, because I cannot swim. But the man forced me to.” Kofi was slave for more than two years. IJM and their partners liberated him during a rescue mission in 2015. His hope and dreams returned. “I want to become a good soccerplayer when I’m older. I want to play for Ghana.”