Happietaria Wageningen

Become a volunteer!

Happietaria is fully runned by volunteers, so we need a lot of help. Do you want to help in the restaurant for charity? This is your chance. So do you want to be a bartender, be a cook, serve tasty meals, do the dishes or help with the preperations? Come join us! Or join us more than one time. 

Click the blue botton for the task you want and sign up! Is one task booked, watch for one of the other fun tasks. You don’t need any experience, it’s a experience on it’s own. 

Any questions? You can mail to medewerkers.wageningen@happietaria.nl


You are responsible for all the drinks in the restaurants, so everyone stays hydrated. This shift begins at  17:00  and ends around 23:00.


Doing the dishes, the most relaxing task. Do you like to tidy up, come help us! This shift begins at 17:00 and ends around 23:00.


Are you the new Gordon Ramsey, or do you think you are? Let us show and come help us in the kitchen. This shift begins at 17:00 and ends around 23:00. Still want to help in the kittchen, but you have more time in the afternoon? Join us with the preperartions and click the blue blox for helping with preperations. 



Do you want to serve the best meals of Happietaria? Do you like to be in touch with people? Help us with serving. This shift begins at 17:00 and ends around 23:00.


Nothing to do in the afternoon? Do you like to cook with no pressure? Come help us with the preperations, because without preperations there are no meals in the evening. You can join us the whole afternoon.